DLC Qualifications Explained

//DLC Qualifications Explained

DLC Qualifications Explained

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DLC qualification batch

While browsing our catalogue, you may notice the above insignias on the descriptions of our LED products. These are approvals from quality appraisal companies, indicating that the products have met essential requirements to be provided to customers.

Amongst them, you will likely see a logo with the letters “DLC” listed. These are DLC Qualification logos, which we strive to attain to provide you with the best LEDs we can offer. If you have ever wondered what they mean, we are happy to explain them for you!

What is DLC Qualification?

DLC Company Logo

DesignLights Consortium, or DLC, is a non-profit organization which aims to provide information and assessments for lamps to help advance the adoption of high-performing, energy-efficient solutions in commercial and industrial applications, with primary options in North America. They strive for quality using a rigorous approval process for all luminaires and their controls. These products must always meet specific performance criteria to be listed on their official Qualified Products List to classify. The group benefits all parties by helping to ensure that consumers and businesses have access to reliable and energy-efficient solutions. 

Additionally, DLC collaborates with various groups to advance ideal practices in product design and technology, aiming to create a fair baseline standard with effective usage and sustainable lifespan,. The company strives to balance this with further goals of pursuing energy efficiency and reducing light pollution, letting distributors such as ourselves are able to ensure customer satisfaction with quality items. As such, we are in full support for their cause, and strive to ensure products follow their important guidelines.

DLC's Current Programs

On our products, you may notice DLC qualification logos on our LED products, which represent the evaluations those offerings have undergone. As of the current day, there are four available categories that products can request approval for. Each category connotates specific qualities which can help you identify the characteristics of a specific article at a glance.

DLC Listed qualification logo

The orange label is the basic group which signifies the item has undergone a complete DLC analysis. This confirms the luminary is compliant to their quality standards, ensuring performance, durability, versatility, and energy efficiency.

DLC premium qualification logo

The premium extension implies that all prior requirements are not only met, but furthermore, greatly exceeding those standards in terms of performance. Products listed under this group provide a much higher performance as market’s top-of-the-line offerings.

DLC LUNA qualification logo

The blue LUNA category is given to products which strive to eliminate excess shine to minimize light pollution through controlled output and warmer colors.

DLC Hort qualification logo

The green horticultural classification is to highlight luminaries intended for use in indoor agricultural environments, promoting plant growth and efficient farming.

By meeting DLC’s criteria for their product labels, we aim to deliver further advanced solutions that meet modern product demands. As these lists act as trusted references for customer and environmental programs. Whether your use is commercial, industrial, or residential settings, choosing the right luminary product is crucial for an effective space. As such, we always aim to comply to DLC’s curation of high-quality products, simplifying the search for the product you seek. As such, be on the lookout for the DLC label as you explore your lighting options, and make an informed decision optimized to your needs.


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