What is LED?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a semi-conductor chip that emits light(photons) when electric current is passed through it. LED technology, also known as Solid State Lighting (SSL) referring to the fact that light is produced from a solid object (semi-conductor) rather than in a vacuum or gas tube, is poised to revolutionize the way the world creates light. Recent advancements in LED have made this technology ready and available to replace outdated fluorescent, incandescent and neon. LED life span is over 100,000 hours.

Are those LED products qualified to any government or local power company’s incentive programs?
Yes. All our LED products are qualified to government and/or local power company’s incentive programs. For Ontario Saving On Energy, please visit:https://saveonenergy.ca/Business/Program-Overviews/Lighting-Incentives/Available-Lighting-Incentives/LED-Incentives.aspx

Dealership available?
Yes, please contact us for details.

Warranty Claims

To make a claim, you must contact A&A Optoelectronics Ltd within 45 days of the failure.

Please retain the failed product for inspection. A copy of your original receipt/invoice will be required. If, at the determination of A&A Optoelectronics, the product is deemed defective we shall; at our own discretion, elect to satisfy the warranty through any of the following methods:

1: Refund the current replacement value.

2: Repair the existing product.

3: Replace the product in question.

In the event of refund, A&A Optoelectronics Ltd will refund only the current replacement value of the product.

In the event of repair, A&A Optoelectronics Ltd reserves the right to use new or refurbished parts.

In the event of replacement, A&A Optoelectronics Ltd reserves the right to replace with non-identical products that are of equivalent specifications.

In the case of repair, replacement or refund, the warranty period shall continue from the date of the original purchase.

This limited warranty will not apply to loss or damage to the product caused by: negligence, abuse, misuse, mishandling, improper installation, storage or maintenance.

Damage due to fire or acts of God, vandalism, civil disturbances, power surges, improper power supply, electrical current fluctuation, corrosive environment installations, induced vibration, harmonic oscillation or resonance associated with movement of air currents around the product are also NOT covered by the warranty

The product MUST be installed by a licensed electrician for any warranty claims to be considered.

This limited warranty excludes field labor, freight costs and service charges related to the repair or replacement of the product.

Click here to download Warranty Claims PDF.