PIR Occupancy sensor AC120-347V 0-10V dimming

///PIR Occupancy sensor AC120-347V 0-10V dimming

PIR Occupancy sensor AC120-347V 0-10V dimming

Product Features

  • Provides multi-level control based on motion
  • Controls 0-10 VDC LED drivers or dimming ballasts
  • Designed to mount to a light fixture and control one load in that fixture
  •  Offers 3 levels of the light control: 100% – dimming light (0, 10%, 30%, 50%) – off; and 2 periods of selectable waiting time: motion hold-time and stand-by time
  • Selectable daylight threshold and choice of detection area
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Model No: BRI819P-C-D


Dimming PIR Occupancy sensor AC120-347 MF code: BRI819P-C-D


Power supply 120-347VAC    50/60Hz
Maximum load @-40°F~+167°F (-40°C~+75°C) Tungsten – 800W@120V / 1200W@277V, Electronic Ballast –  5A@120V / 5A@277V / 5A@347V
Dim control output 0-10V, max. 25mA sinking current
PIR Len L1 30ft@25ft height/360
PIR Len L2 30ft@40ft height/360
Time setting 10 sec. – 15 min. (adjustable)
Light-control 10-50Lux (adjustable)
Humidity Max. 95% RH
Temperature -40°F ~ +167°F (-40°C ~ +75°C)