FlexCharge Smart Level 2 EV charger 48A, AC208-240VAC, 11.5KW@240VAC

//FlexCharge Smart Level 2 EV charger 48A, AC208-240VAC, 11.5KW@240VAC

FlexCharge Smart Level 2 EV charger 48A, AC208-240VAC, 11.5KW@240VAC

Product Description:

Our Smart Level 2 EV Charger is a powerful 48A charger compatible with AC208-240VAC, delivering 11.5KW at 240VAC. Featuring a NACS connector and a 4.3-inch LCD display, it offers user-friendly operation. With a NEMA Type 4 and IK10 rating, it ensures durability and a sleek black finish adds sophistication. Compliant with NEC625 standards, it includes advanced connectivity options like 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, OCPP1.6J, and RFID capabilities. The 25-foot cable provides flexibility in installation, while ETL, FCC, and Energy Star certifications ensure safety, reliability, and energy efficiency. Enjoy the future of electric vehicle charging with our Smart Level 2 EV Charger where innovation meets performance.


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Spec Sheet Installation & Manual Guide  App Guide


Spec Sheet Installation & Manual Guide  App Guide


Why Choose Our Smart Level 2 EV Charger?


Our Level 2 model has a maximum output 11.5KW (Level 2 at 48A), charging up to 8 times faster than Level 1 Chargers.


Complete safeguarding against overvoltage, under voltage, overheating, overcurrent, leakage, grounding issues, lightning strikes, fire or flames, water ingress, dust accumulation, and antistatic concerns. (NEMA Type4; IK10 Rated)

Smart Charging

  • Intelligent Detection Switch: Activate charging with intelligent detection switch technology, ensuring  a seamless and convenient charging experience for electric vehicle owners.
  • Save Electricity Costs: Optimize energy usage and reduce electricity bills with efficient charging algorithms, allowing users to charge their vehicles at the most cost-effective times.
  • Real-Time Monitoring via Smart App: Stay connected and informed with the EV Charging App that provides real-time charging data, enabling users to monitor and manage their charging sessions remotely for ultimate convenience and control.
  • Shared Access with Friends & Family: Facilitate shared access to charging facilities with friends and family members through integrated features, promoting convenience and collaboration in electric vehicle ownership.


  • Residential Charging: Homeowners can use smart Level 2 EV chargers to conveniently charge their electric vehicles overnight, taking advantage of off-peak electricity rates.
  • Commercial Buildings: Businesses can install smart Level 2 EV chargers in parking lots or garages to provide charging facilities for employees, visitors, or customers with electric vehicles.
  • Multi-Unit Dwellings: Apartment complexes, condominiums, and other multi-unit residential buildings can benefit from smart Level 2 EV chargers installed in shared parking areas.
  • Fleet Charging: Companies with electric vehicle fleets, such as delivery services, taxi companies, or municipal governments, can use smart Level 2 EV chargers to efficiently charge multiple vehicles at once, optimizing fleet operations.
  • Public Charging Stations: Smart Level 2 EV chargers can be installed at public charging stations in urban areas, shopping centers, or along highways to provide destination charging options for electric vehicle drivers.
  • Workplace Charging: Employers can install smart Level 2 EV chargers in workplace parking lots to encourage employees to switch to electric vehicles and support sustainable commuting options.