Microwave Dimming Sensor f/ 900033U/34U/35U

///Microwave Dimming Sensor f/ 900033U/34U/35U

Microwave Dimming Sensor f/ 900033U/34U/35U

Product Features

  • Designed to be used in commercial and industrial installations
  • Enable to detect direct and tangential motion,
  • Designed for SKU 900033U/34U/35U
  • Best at detecting direct motion (coming towards or away from the sensor)
  • Sensor range (unobstructed) up to 50 ft for ceiling mount
  • Pluggable design
  • Function Option: 0-10V Dimming
  • Product Structure: Pluggable
  • Product Model: Microwave Sensor & Controls
  • Product Series: ANT
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Model No: ANT-9C


Microwave Dimming Sensor f/ 500816UCCTW2-DC, 900033U/34U/35U

Sensor Function

Model No. Description Input Voltage (VDC) Output/Max Load Power Supply Remote Range
ANT-9C Microwave Dimming Sensor f/ 900033U/900034U/900035U 12V 0-10V, max. 25mA sinking current >50mA 50ft. (15m) indoor, no backlight